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Rules & Regulations

Please check dates carefully.


Display and Booth Appearance: Booths should have an appearance of a freestanding, self-contained shop. All exhibitors are required to furnish their own booth setup. Exhibitors are not permitted to use any adjacent booth setup as their own; this includes hanging signs from a neighbor’s booth. Booth setup sharing is strictly prohibited. Display merchandise in an attractive manner, cover all tables to the floor neatly with fabric. All merchandise or equipment that is displayed must be safely secured. Management reserves the right to request modifications as needed. Pop-up tent frames will be allowed to construct the required setup and appearance of the booth.  All grids, shelves, or screens should be covered with fabric so that you cannot see the booth beside or behind you. All back stock and merchandise boxes should be kept out of sight. The aisles and common areas must never be used to conduct business by any individual exhibitor.  All merchandise must be kept inside the assigned booth space, without protruding into the aisles including corner setups. All booths must be in accordance with the standards set by Management.  Wall or backdrop will be behind your booth.  Should you want to have side back drops you can rent or bring your own.  

VENDORS WHO INQUIRE ABOUT THE SHOW 10 DAYS PRIOR TO SHOW DATE.  In 2020 we were hit by new rules & regulations from the facilities and tax departments.  Due to their rules –  we must have all your information for insurance and tax purposes.  If a vendor calls us and plans on doing the show, vendor must submit an application.  If vendor does not submit an application and vendor shows up at the show to participate, vendor will be charged a late fee of $25.00.  If vendor got an approval from DPHB Shows at the last minute to pay by credit card or cash day of set up – we must have an application from you.  There will be no late fee if vendor submits an application.


Bring your own dolly (hand cart), change, first aid kit, scissors, glue gun, bags and whatever needed for your business.  

DPHB Shows will not be responsible for unloading and loading vendors.  Please bring your own help.

Only 2 vendor passes for each vendor. Due to vendors letting people in through other doors in the building, this will be enforced. 

Once vendor has notified promoter and has canceled, the cancellation is final.  Vendor can not call back later and want back in. DPHB Shows has a waiting list. Once a vendor has canceled, the space is filled.  All vendors names and addresses are turned into the state and parish sale tax departments 15 days prior to the show.  If you decide to do a "no show" you will still have to send in tax forms to let them know you did not attend.  All vendors will confirm via email that you ate participating in the show you paid for.  If we do not receive a confirmation - we will assume you are not doing the show and your space will be filled.  If vendor cancels 15 days before the show, vendor info will not be sent in to the tax departments.  This saves vendor from a penalty fine or notice from the tax departments.  

If vendor cancels day of set up, vendor is banned from all future shows and can not participate in shows already paid for.  No refunds.  

When applying online, please pay by credit/debit card.  Do not submit an application without payment.  It will be voided within three days if you do not contact us with credit card information..  DPHB Shows receives at least 50 applications a day without payment.  If you are a serious vendor – you would not submit an online app without the payment.  Your credit/debit card will NOT be ran if we are full or your category is full.

DPHB Shows stops taking deposit money on July 1 for the Annual Mistletoe & More Show.  Deposits are due by July 1 balance for the November show will be due October 1st.   If vendor has paid a deposit for another show, balance is due 14 business days before show date.  When vendor has canceled and only paid a deposit, vendor can no longer pay any deposit  for any shows.  Vendor has to pay in full.

On application, make sure to list everything you will be selling.  Nothing can be added to your booth to sell unless application is updated.  If you add an item to sell and have not added that item to your application you may be asked not to sell that item.  Vendor has to give promoter a three-week notice on adding items to be sold.  Vendor may lose their spot if adding an item conflicts with a vendor that is near them.  Only two vendors per application.  If vendor is adding a partner, vendor needs to give promoter a three week notice (before show).  Both vendors names, business names, and items must be listed.  You can not add a vendor or item to application after it has been sent in and accepted.  DPHB Shows does not accept checks fourteen (14) days before show date.

ELECTRICITY - You need to add electric right away on app.  Only certain booths will have electric.  Even if you want to charge an Ipad or cell phone  - you have to pay for electric.  DPHB Shows is charged per plug.  Civic City workers walk around and count how many vendors are plugged in.  DPHB Shows walks around also to make sure those who paid are plugged in - those who have not paid and are plugged in will pay $25.00 instead on $20.00.  The facility has cameras and video tapes - this is checked thru out the show.  Please pay for electric  - last show we had to pay for 15 vendors who plugged in with out paying.  This cost us $300.00.  If vendors can't be honest, booth rent will be increased for future shows.

After you apply online and your credit card has been processed, you will receive a receipt from our credit card service Clover/First Data.  This will be text messaged or emailed to you.  This confirms you are in the show.    Please check your trash/spam folder.  Approximately 2 weeks before  show you will receive email reminders of set up and show hours – plus other rules to remember from email address  or .  Checks and credit cards will not be processed if you are not accepted in the show / category may be full.

Vendor will receive a confirmation letter 10 days prior show.  Vendor will have to confirm back that vendor is participating.  If vendor can not set up before noon on Friday (Shop Til U Drop Show) or Thursday (Annual Mistletoe & More) before noon, vendor must provide time they are arriving to set up.  

In mail the following below will be included to do:

***Remember All vendors are required to do the following by end of day Wednesday before show date--

Join the official Shop Till You Drop Facebook  and then click share, then click invite friends.  Invite  50 - 75 of your closest friends, and customers, or everyone!  Then click "say something" and post your photos and business information in the event.  Let everyone know what you are bringing and you are attending the Show


Please stay in rented booth area.  Make your own exit and entrance into your booth.  Do NOT sit in aisle.  Do not place any items outside booth space – example: mirror, lattice full of items to be sold, or display over marked booth area.

Do not display items to sell on wall.  You must bring your own display.  Please ask neighbor to hang on their grid wall before hand.  If that back drop or grid wall doesn’t belong to you, do not pin or hang anything on it.  Please ask before you take it upon yourself to do so.  Do not hang inventory on wall or back drop.  DO NOT use tape on wall.  A professionally made sign can by hung on backdrop with s hooks.  No pins or tape.  Vendor will be responsible for damage of backdrop.

DPHB Shows is not responsible to provide dollies.

If you have your children with you, please have them stay with you.  We can’t have children in others vendors booths, playing on dollies, or running up and down the aisles.

Vendors must provide their own tablecloths – tables must be covered to the floor.  You can bring your own tables or you can rent tables.  Prices are listed on the application.  Tables must be covered to the floor and boxes must not be seen.  Vendors must provide their own display, tape, paper, band aides, bags, pens, markers, etc.

DPHB Shows is not responsible for items/displays/signs that you leave at the show.

If vendor hangs signage on a black drape back drop.  Bring your own S hooks.

Please do not pack up early.  This also means do not go in and out of the building for boxes, hand carts, or taking out extra inventory during the show hours.  DPHB Shows will not be responsible for any injuries that occur should vendor decide to go against the rules.  This is a safety hazard for customers and the vendors.

Set up time for Bossier City “Shop Til U Drop” Arts, Craft, & Gift Show Bossier City is Friday from 9am-2:30pm  Vendor must be all the way set up by 2:30. Vendor must check in Friday by 10am or they forfeit their spot.  Show starts at 3pm Friday.  We may let customers in ten minutes early.  Vendor must check in by by 10am.  If vendor does not check in by 10am (call us if you will be late) and we have not heard from vendor, space will go to another vendor.  Bossier Annual Mistletoe & More Show set up time is Thursday from 9am – 3:30pm and Friday 7am – 9:00am.  You must be all the way set up by 8:00am. Show hours Fri & Sat. 9am-5pm.  We may let customers in ten minutes early.  Vendor must check in by 11am Thursday (call us if your late or setting up Friday morning). If vendor does not check in Show by 11am Thursday - the space will go to another vendor.  Show starts Friday & Saturday at 10am.  Show hours Fri 10 am to 7pm & Sat 10am-5pm.

If vendor needs to cancel, please call. Do not send an email because we can not check emails during the day. If vendor does not call and talk to one of us or leave a message on our answering machine it will be a “no show”.  Do not Facebook / email us – CALL.  If vendor does not call to cancel and is a “no show,”  vendor is not allowed back into the show.  Vendor can not sublease their space.  This also means vendor can not give their space away.

There is no subleasing/subletting your space.  The application is in your name you can not give your space to someone else.  Every name, business name, address, and phone number is turned over to the tax department.  Information has to be turned into the facilities 15 days prior to the show.  Do not call DPHB Shows to inform us someone else will be filling the space for you.  We do not have their information, therefore they can not sell. DPHB Shows does have a waiting list.  If you cancel the next vendor in line is called, if you do not check in by 8am Saturday – the next vendor on the waiting list is called.

Do not tear down/pack up early.  If vendor packs up and leaves early, vendor is not allowed back into any of our shows.  No dollies or boxes are allowed in until 4:30pm.  This is a safety issue.  Customers will still be in the building and we don’t need anyone to trip and get hurt.  Please respect this rule, it is rude to pack up when someone beside you may be making their final sale of the day.  If vendor has an emergency or is sick, please let DPHB Show promoters know so we can safely get you out of the building.



Vendors do not need a Tax ID# to do the show.  Tax envelopes will be passed out Saturday morning.  Everyone has to turn in both envelopes.  A Bossier Parish tax (5%) rep will be at show around 2pm.  If you have any questions, you need to see the tax reps at that time.  LA State Tax (4.45%) will be turned in at the information booth if a rep does not attend the show.  ALL TAXES MUST BE PAID = total tax amount 9.45%.   Checks will be accepted. Tax reps will give vendors a receipt at time of paying taxes.  If vendor has any tax questions, please ask tax rep at the show.  DPHB Shows advises vendor to get with their own distributer about Parish taxes paid and how to handle the Parish Tax they have already paid on items to sell.

Booth number will be provided to vendor on day of set up.

All Trailers & RVs must be parked in the back of the building   After unloading  - vendors need to park their cars in the back of the building.  We want the front spaces for the customers.

If a vendor expects a customer to pick up an order (from a previous show), customer must pay admission fee and vendor can reimburse the customer.  We can not page vendor to come up to the front with the customers order.  Customers continue to shop once they are in the building.  Admission is good for the whole weekend but this is a problem at the end of the year when we have monthly shows.  If a vendor expects a customer, it is up to vendor if they want to cover the customers admission.

Vendors, please remember the two weeks after the show is when we receive complaints from our customers about the vendors.  We do have secret shoppers that report back to us and also the loyal customers who support the show.   Here are the top complaints:

1.  Texting  – not greeting the customer, most of the time vendor doesn’t even look up.

2.  Vendor not in booth to make a sale.

3.  Vendors being loud complaining about other vendors.  Often vendor is in another booth (being overheard by customers) or on the phone complaining about other vendors.

4.  Vendor not set up in time.

Please stay in your own booth.  There will be plenty of time to walk around before a show.  Please do not put your vendor business cards or fliers in the bathrooms or every vendor booth.  If a vendor is interested in your product, they will visit with you.  Often after the show we are busy picking up fliers and business cards that were carelessly tossed to the floor.  Please be considerate and respect your fellow vendors.

Unfortunately we discontinued putting the list of vendors on the website.  80% of vendors were not paying the fee to be listed.  The week before the show we were flooded with calls from vendors upset because they wanted to correct their listing or they were not listed correctly ( or not listed at all).   There was a $10.00 fee to be listed.  Constantly being chewed out took its toll,  Excessive phone calls over it was getting out of hand.   DPHB Shows decided to exclude the list.  

The past two years was very stressful.  Our goal was to keep the show going.  Our rent is less expensive then most inside shows.  DPHB Shows was questioned over and over by vendors how we figure up our booth rental fee.  We don't ask vendors how they decide on the cost of their merchandise or business - its none of our business.  DPHB Shows has done the best we could under very stressful circumstances.  


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